Taylor Campbell


Born and bred in east London, I was raised by a small family of four. Influenced by my Dad using programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Bryce, 3D Studio Max and reading Computer Arts mags in the 00s, there was no doubt that this would be the start of my career in the world of design.

I took advantage of this in secondary school which had the best technology in the borough. Rather than completing my IT work, I would spend my lessons getting to grips with the basic tools on Photoshop and Illustrator. Luckily Mr. Ramaya saw this talent and didn’t try to hold me back. Shout out man like Danny Ramaya! I took my talents to Uni where I studied Graphic Design and mastered my craft and understanding of the subject. This lead to a key moment in my life. Pretty much going broke a year after leaving Uni. It wasn’t necessarily rock bottom but it was the push needed to get my life going. From that moment I began to look for different avenues (apart from the normal 9-5) to make a living. I started off by freelancing which gave me the time to reflect on what possibilities were available. This lead to the creation of Orthors. My childhood friend aka brother Max was looking for the same opportunities and we were able to link up and use each others skillsets to create what was the first steps towards the journey we are now on.