Max St Hill

Your favourite Orthor

Growing up in a home full of sport, the arts and business, I knew from a young age I would end up doing one of the three. As a kid the N64 was my 3rd parent, I swear to God I was glued to that little square box T.V. Compared to the rest of my artsy family my Dad is very Business savvy, he’s the classic man in a suit who comes home just in time for dinner. He is my idol. Owning my own successful business is one of my goals in life and seeing it first hand always made it feel so achievable.

As I grew older my love for Football and sport in general started to takeover. That drive, the addiction of winning and being the best is what I loved most about competing. After many years of ups, downs and the brutal industry which is sport, I finally decided to pack it in. I made a return to the arts, in this case, Design. During my time studying Design and animation at University I found my love for gaming again and more importantly Game Design! My business Partner Taylor was a huge part of my childhood and gaming. Now a Uni grad with industry experience Teaming up with him and another close friend of mine from college was the perfect way to start our journey which would be Orthors.